Tokyo Metropolitan Government Election Administration Commission


An Election Administration Commission is established independent from the head of the local government to conduct fair elections, and is made up of four members elected by the assembly (Article 181 of the Local Autonomy Act). The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Election Administration Commission has a secretariat to support and carry out the commission’s duties. The Secretariat to Election Administration Commission consists of the General Affairs Section and the Election Section. Its fixed number of staff is 25.


Main Duties

1. Administration of elections

1.1 Affairs concerning the Public Offices Election Act

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Election Administration Commission administers the following elections.

  • Tokyo gubernatorial election
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election
  • House of Representatives election (constituencies in Tokyo) and House of Representatives election (proportional representation, Tokyo bloc)
  • House of Councilors election (Tokyo prefectural electoral district) and House of Councilors election (proportional representation, ballots cast in Tokyo)


1.2 Affairs concerning the Local Autonomy Act, etc.
  • Announcement of the number of signatures that residents need to gather in order to make a direct request to the TMG
  • Administration of the election of members to the Sea-area Fisheries Adjustment Commission
  • Administrative work concerning retention referendums for Supreme Court judges


2. Administrative work concerning the Political Funds Control Act

The objective of the Political Funds Control Act is to ensure fairness in political activities of political parties and other political organizations in view of the importance of their roles in parliamentary democracy, by taking measures such as releasing the political funds statements of political organizations to allow their political activities to be monitored by the public.
Based on this act, the Commission handles affairs such as releasing political funds statements and accepting notifications including the establishment of political parties and other political organizations.

The following numbers of organizations have submitted notification to the Commission as of the end of December 2015.

Organizations operating in Tokyo: 4,269

Organizations operating throughout the country that have office(s) in Tokyo: 1,340


3. Other

3.1 Enlightening the public on elections

To ensure a fair election, the Commission takes every opportunity to raise the political awareness of voters and encourage more people to vote. The Commission also makes such efforts prior to each election.


3.2 Handling election-related complaints

In addition to administering elections, the Commission also acts as a quasi-judicial body, making decisions on complaints concerning the validity of an election or outcome and giving judgments on requests for reviews.

Japanese Election System

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Election Administration Commission